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Who Am I?

It’s important that you get a grasp of who I am and what I’ve accomplished so far. That way,  I can be legitimate to you as a Travel Mentor and an Expert in big travels.


In the past,

I was a System Engineer. My curriculum at the UTC (University of Technology, Compiegne ) was already very international with avec 3 semesters abroad (New Delhi, Berlin and Austin) and a non-profit experience in Mali and in Ivory Coast. It was already 20 years ago!

I worked for 7 years at Europe 1, then


I went back to school.

After pursuing an Executive MBA at the ESCP Europe – in the Itinerant class, cause it’s way more fun! – I opened a bagel cafe in Paris. Adele’s Family.

I replaced my tool box and Servers by an apron and cook books! A radical change of career that allowed me to discover the world of entrepreneurship in the hospitality sector. It certainly was not and easy thing! However, this little personal and professional success was a real comfort to me and this was with no hesitation that I sold the business after 3 years to start a new chapter of my life.


In June 2014

I left Paris for Cuba, with a one-way ticket. I followed this passion for travel that was running through my veins since I was a teenager.

I’m 40 today and I count 70 countries in my world-explored-chart.


Since then,

I traveled across Latin America, from Mexico to Ushuaia, with layovers on some of the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean. I discovered almost all the countries of Asia and Central Asia, making sure I would try as much as I can all the local food, on the way. I traveled Through Iran and Russia, taking my time. I spent days and nights in trains, in buses, I lived unforgettable experiences and met incredible people. Luckily, my list of places to explore is still long!

So let the travel go on!

What kind of traveler am I ? :

I like to make good time last, so I spend less and the travel lasts longer!

As far as I’m concerned, Accomodation, food, going out and transportation are low cost expenses ; A bed in a dorm, a hammock, a carpet on the floor are generally all I need to spend the night. I love to eat street food and sometimes I cooking in the hostel kitchen the fresh veggies I bought at the local market. And a bus than runs fine should be able to take me to my destination.


I don’t need luxury and I adjust to local comfort.

Getting somewhere by plane is something I do rarely because I prefer a longer ferry journey or a night in a bus or in a train. Not just for economical reasons but also because I enjoy watching the scenery pass by in front of my amazed eyes and crossing time zones in real-time. I feel a real excitement when I enter un country through a land or fluvial frontier!

On the other hand,

I don’t hesitate to splurge if that really makes me happy:

  • I gladly treat myself with a trip to the Galapagos islands for an expense equivalent to 2 months in Bolivia.
  • I spend a beautiful night in a great hotel after having spent 6 months in dorms
  • I enjoy scuba diving in heavenly places
  • I party occasionally with travelers from all around the world
  • fabulous sites, amazing treks and other highlights, I try no to miss them!


In one word, I prioritize. This is my way of traveling.

The most important to me is the discovery, the experience of the moment, the sensations, the encounters…


And on the organization side,

I do everything on my own. Thanks to the international and local apps, I am totally autonomous. I’m strongly resourceful and I’m proud of it!

To summarize, I’m an experienced and resourceful traveler, an inspiring mentor for those who’d dream of long travels !

There are as many ways of traveling as there are travelers.


Suitcase or backpack.

Couchsurfing, camping, hotel, hostel, yurt?

Auto-stop, bus, rental car, scooter, ferry, plane?

Eat local, international, at the market, in the street or at the restaurant.

Make traveler friends, local friends, stay alone.

My moto : Try to mix it up!


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