Baracoa, Cuba


Kazbegi, Georgia

Ile de Loos, Guinée Conakry


Never ignore your dream of a long journey. Make it happen !

you’re alone

you can’t afford it

you don’t know where to go

it’s too complicated

who’s gonna take care of my cat?

your partner is a stay-at-home

your parents will be worried

you might lose your apartment

and what about this well-paid job of yours…


If you dream of going away, nothing should stop you.  Let me guide you!

A coach

It’s a guide, a wise and experienced advisor. A mentor!

I help out those who wish to leave and travel far and independently but don’t dare, Or just don’t know how to handle the project.

I help elaborating big travels. A one month break, a sabbatical semester, a trip around the world, a long adventure…

The preparation takes quite some time and can be chaotic. The mass of online information to search and sort out is infinite! Personally, I don’t count how many traveler blogs describing in details every little story of their trip, I’ve had to swallow! And those forums where everyone affirms the opposite of the other and each question is asked and answered 10 times. A trip “around the world” is not a privilege reserved to Jules Verne, neither it is to the young ones, the wealthy ones or the hippies .It’s more a stage of initiation in someone’s life, where one can experiment a deep and true feeling of freedom.

It’s both therapeutic and liberator : you let go, you move on, you confront your demons, you put your miseries into perspective when you discover theirs. You endure sometimes, only to get better later and come back stronger.

Il n’est jamais trop tard
Le monde est si vaste
La therapie par le voyage
Si tu veux recevoir gratuitement mon “guide malin pour voyager longtemps heureux et serein”,

clique sur la photo !

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